Hannah, Purpose, and the Power of Art


I think I'm going to start profiling/blogging about those who are gracious enough to let me shove my camera in their sweet faces. So here's the first one.

Hannah is one of the brightest, most radiant, intelligent human beings I've ever come into contact with. And I'm sure glad I did (and we're roomies now too, how awesome). Our nights are filled with wine, business homework, endless laughs, and bad movies. Our other beautiful roomie, Riley, is a super talented artist and took pictures of Hannah this past weekend for a series she's working on (find her work here: http://www.rileydismore.com). I remember Hannah mentioning a few times how beautiful it made her feel, and that really stuck with me.

Recently I've been struggling with finding a "purpose" or "direction" with my photography. One of the worst things about me, if you don't know/haven't interviewed me and asked the "what's your greatest weakness" question, is that I'm likely the most existentially-lost-in-the-details person you'll ever meet. This is derivative of years of perfectionism and chronic late night thoughts. And I still haven't decided if my direction can be found on a spectrum, but I have decided that what I want to do is make people feel happy and loved and confident.

So today, I asked Hannah if she'd model for me. We ran down alleyways and jumped over puddles and for 30 minutes our crazy Monday was free and adventurous. Although it was for a class project, there are photos here that she and I both will probably treasure for a long time to come.

And maybe that's my photography's purpose- providing a space to feel beautiful and free and expressive. Capturing moments. They're all we have.

Thanks again to Hannah, local Dominican goddess, for tagging along with me today. 

Here's to feeling beautiful, in any capacity, always!